Wednesday is for Comedy

The weather might be total crap here in NYC, but we’re trying to cheer  you up here on BTR. Today we have two hilarious shows- our weekly edition of Drunken Politics, in which Jamie and Allison recount the inauguration, and fill you in on what you didn’t see.  Also stay tuned for totally real FoxNews headlines, bi-partisan discourse, chatting about the  Guantanamo closure, and much more!

Then stick around for our monthly broadcast of Nights of Our Lives– the show was recorded back in December at the UCB Theater. Each of the comedians had chosen a favorite tale from 2008, so get ready for one of the best hours of storytelling you’ve heard on BTR yet. The talented lineup included host David Martin, Bobby Moyinihan, John Flynn, Chris Gethard and Noah Garfinkel. Tales of drag queens, stripping, a possible herpes outbreak, the notion that Andy Kauffman is still alive, and Saturday Night Live will be discussed. We also establish that Michael Phelps probably does not listen to BreakThru Radio.


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