DJ Wynn’s 2009 Album Preview

Now that Animal Collective has made it easy on list makers for 2009, we can just tip-toe our way through these new releases without any pressure of building hype or pretense. Here are a few first quarter releases that BTR can’t wait to get it’s mitts on:

Jan. 19 = Squarepusher

Numbers Lucent EP
(Warp) [UK Release]

We don’t have to wait long for new material from Tom Jenkison, more popularly known as beat breaker Squarepusher. Chasing the heels of Just A Souvenir is a six track EP called Numbers Lucent, which is allegedly inspired by his heritage.

Jan 27 = RZA

Afro Samurai: The Resurrection (Wu Music Group)

If you watched the first violent samurai epic starring Sam Jackson, you should know how perfectly hip-hop goes with swordplay. Just imagine the sound of Adult Swim’s short music bumps mashed with the musical equivalent of a fat blunt, and you should get the idea.

Mar. 10 = Handsome Furs

Face Control (Sub Pop)

The second album from the married duo of Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade guitarist) and Alexei Perry (short-story writer) was recorded at Mount Zoomer, which also happens to be the title of the latest Wolf Parade album. “Face Control” is a term they picked up while touring through Eastern Europe, which refers to the power held by club bouncers.

Mexican Institute of Sound

Soy Sauce [Nacional]

Instituto Mexicano del Sonido’s third effort is said to have a drunken mariachi version of “Bittersweet Symphony” that has rearranged lyrics expressing his fondness for mole (the sauce, not the tunneler). It would also be safe to assume that this album will be filled to the brim with Latin funk and chopped up horn samples.

Sometime in March = Arcade Fire

Miroir Noir DVD (Merge)

Already out on Digital release, Miroir Noir is a Vincent Moon production documenting the band’s 2007 tour in support of Neon Bible. There are very few full songs in the film, but the emphasis seems to be more on the raw energy of a moment never to be replicated than another reproduction of a song you have already heard.

TBA = Grizzly Bear

TBA (Warp)

With new tracks already making the rounds on the late night (the ethereal piano skipper “Two Weeks” on Letterman) and festival circuits (a jagged strummer with sky high vocals called  “Fine For Now” at All Points West), these furry Brooklyners have fans and newbies rabidly chasing after their untitled honey.

April 7 = Junior Boys

Begone Dull Care

One of the Junior Boys (Matthew Didemus) recently relocated to Berlin while the other (Jeremy Greenspan) remains hunkered down in Ontario. Usually new projects emerge from gaps like this, but the electro dream weavers decided to go the Postal Service route to piece together their third album. They’ve already scheduled a week full of European shows planned for early March.


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