Hello My Name Is…with My Dear Disco, Handglops and Spitzer Space Telescope

It’s time for another edition of All Access Hello My Name Is!  This week we talked to three of our favorite college All Access bands.  Three extremely diverse groups and three interesting stories behind the names!


Patrick Kolodgy is the man behind Handglops.  A senior at Swarthmore College, Kolodgy lives and breathes for music.  His impeccable sense of music history shows through in his swampy lo-fi tunes.  Handglops has gotten attention from several music blogs, and puts out some of his music on his own record label, Cherry Burger Records.  Here’s his story of how he came up with his interesting band name.

“At first I just had one song and I wasn’t planning on doing too much with it but I wanted to put it on myspace so I had to think of a band name. At first I had it as ‘handclaps’ but then I realized the URL was taken and I didn’t want to deal with a URL like http://www.myspace.com/handclapsband or something. Plus, I realized that ‘handclaps’ isn’t too good when it comes to a Google search. So I just changed a vowel sound and a consonant sound so I got glops.  ‘Handglops.’  Then having a band name made me feel like I should have more songs, so I made some. That is pretty much the whole tale!”

My Dear Disco

My Dear Disco is a dance band from Ann Arbor.  Their sound, like their name, is an amalgam of disco and other newer genres of music.  Bob Lester explains their very personal name choice.  He says it is “A slight homage to Ghostly artist Matthew Dear, whom has had a great influence on my musical and production tastes.  Disco, because we love dance music, making ourselves and other people move together.  Dancing is powerful and the original Disco music was one of the first forms of dance music to incorporate a lot of synthetic and electronic sounds which are a core of our style and also combine them with live instruments played by really talented studio musicians.  ‘My Dear’ because Disco has gone through its ups and downs, its been ridiculed and eulogized.  Our music is Disco to us because it makes us move, and brings together the physically liberated on dance floors and in living rooms across the country in the good name of shaking ass next to friends and strangers.”

Spitzer Space Telescope

Spitzer Space Telescope is the moniker for singer-songwriter, Dan MacDonald.  He writes wonderful, whimsical songs with names like “Graknils” and “Gerkins.” He’s from Penn State and decided that he needed a name to set him apart!  “I accidentally came across the name Spitzer Space Telescope on a Google search. The name caught my attention and, knowing I would be starting a new music project, I kept the name in mind. After starting on the open mike scene, I figured a goofy name like that would help me stand out among the singer/songwriters, so I ran with it.”



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