Spotlight on a City: Denton, TX


When it comes to music in Texas, Austin might be the first city that comes to mind. Dentonites, however, are making quite the splash recently- the eclectic music coming out of this small city is astounding considering the small population. Bands like The Baptist Generals, Fight Bite, Street Hassle can be heard on Lottie’s playlist today, so be sure to check out the show!

00:00 Lottie on BTR
00:31 One of Us-Bridges and Blinking Lights
04:27 Tick Tock-Daniel Folmer
06:56 Barbara the Organ Donor-Delmore Pilcrow
09:46 Have I been Kind-Burnt Sienna Trio
12:51 Lottie on BTR
13:25 On Demand-Burnt Sienna Trio
16:25 You are Golden When You Walk-RTB2
18:05 Cowering Mess-Brave Combo
23:59 Lottie on BTR
24:39 Swissex Lover-Fight Bite
29:14 Ever Born Again-Sarah Jaffe
32:37 Street Caring-Florene
37:35 Should’ve Known-Doug Burr
41:05 Going Back Song-The Baptist Generals
45:03 Lottie on BTR
45:55 Hit that Baby-Street Hassle
50:02 Yer Fools Suite (Part II)-RTB2
54:00 Age of Faith-Fight Bite
56:14 My Name is David-Dust Congress
58:02 Lottie on BTR
58:29 Pascagoula-Dust Congress
63:00 Blue Eyed Boy-Street Hassle
68:26 Alcohol (Turn and Fall)-The Baptist Generals
71:30 Left Shoe, Right Shoe-Delmore Pilcrow
75:20 Lottie on BTR
75:29 Vegetables and Coffee-Daniel Folmer

One response to “Spotlight on a City: Denton, TX

  1. Thank you for shining some light on this little town. If you scratch the musical surface around Denton, you will be rewarding ten-fold.

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