Hello My Name Is…with Blonde Acid Cult, Phil & The Osophers and The Wavves

Blonde Acid Cult

It is simply a matter of time before you’ve heard of Blonde Acid Cult. Already featured in Anthem Magazine, Metromix and Nylon, having performed at Hiro Ballroom and soon to be performing at Webster Hall, it seems as though nothing can stand in their way. The four friends (Sonny, Michael, Phil and Damian) formed in New York City a little over a year and a half ago, though Phil is from London, Damian from Philadelphia, and the brothers, Sonny and Michael were born in Boston. Now they strut their rock and roll cockiness like they were Jet or The Vines. Their influences are clear when hearing their debut single, “Shake It Loose,” and even their name was derived from those same heroes they choose to emulate.

According to Sonny, “before the Stones recorded Exile On Main Street, Brian Jones was dating the model Anita Pallenberg. Some writer said they were like a ‘blonde acid cult.’ Simple as that. We like the way it sounded.” They take the stage this Saturday at Webster Hall and according to the prevailing Internet opinion, they’re literally¬† worth keeping an eye on.


12/20/08 @ The Studio at Webster Hall – New York, NY

Phil and the Osophers

Last November gave us two free RCRDLBL downloads from Phil and the Osophers. The Brooklyn group has also become a bit more familiar to indie rock fans digging their way through the Internet since they released their latest album, Toward Conquering the Invisible North, now available at Insound.com. With their charming subdued folk rock, it’s fitting that Philip R. and Kevin E. have shared the stage with groups like the Ruby Suns, Le Loup and The Dodos. Fortunately, like these groups, they’re not afraid to get experimental, even when it comes to their name.

“I forgot how i came up with the name,” Philip explained, “but I suspect it was to throw people off. All the good band names are taken, if that’s what you want to believe. You have to get creative in a way people haven’t already been.” This seems to be the groups central motive. Phil went on to say, “The name did something I wanted to, deconstruct a concept and rebuild it differently.” Mission accomplished.

12/20/08 @ Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA


The low quality recording styles that Nathan Williams uses only makes the sound of Wavves that much better. Wavves is one of those tweak-rock groups that are becoming more and more of a common occurrence. It’s the sort of No Age, Times New Viking, Famous Class holistic art-kid aesthetic. It’s folk-art, it’s crunchy kids music and it’s that creepy little something serious that can’t quite be described. Listen to the song “Wavves” and you may begin to realize why Williams has received press from groups like Pitchfork, Stereogum, RCRD LBL, Fader, NMW, Gorilla vs. Bear and Exclaim. So what’s with the second ‘v?’

“I grew up primarily in Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, and San Diego,” Williams revealed, “So I’ve never really been more than twenty minutes away from the beach in my life. ‘Waves’ was an idea from a friend of mine and then I added a ‘v’ because when capitalized the word kind of looks like waves themselves.” How delightful.


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