Best Album Covers of 2008

Best Album Covers of 2008
The BTR DJs pick their favorite album covers of 2008
November 26, 2008

Well, there is not much to explain here! The title and description of the feature says it all. But, just for the sake of clarity, these are some of our favorite album covers of 2008. Instead of compiling a massive list of favorites and then ranking them, we decided it would be better to show each BTR DJ’s individual pick instead. It keeps with one of our most important themes here at BTR, and that is that each  of our DJs controls their own playlist, with no oversight from anyone save themselves.

That said, if we did have to pick an overall winner, Of Montreal’s Skeletal Lamping would be the victor, because it’s the only one that made the list twice.

Check it!

DJ Wynn (Mondays on BTR, Revolver, BTR World Music) picks Skeletal Lamping, by Of Montreal

DJ Emily (Tuesdays on BTR, Ladies Skate Only, The Alt-Country Show, Matt and Emily) picks June Degrees In December, by Bing Ji Ling

DJ RePete (Wednesdays on BTR, Backroom Blues Hour) picks Skeletal Lamping, by Of Montreal

DJ Lottie (Thursdays on BTR, All Access, Sideshow Acts, Spotlight On The City) picks Trouble In Dreams, by Destroyer

Latola (The Synapse, Dapper Fitting Drinking Hour, Matt and Emily) picks Los Angeles, by Flying Lotus

DJ Madalyn (Saturdays on BTR, All Access, God Bless Weirdmerica) picks At Mount Zoomer, by Wolf Parade

DJ Drew (Sundays on BTR, The BTR Reggae Hour) picks Kingstonlogic 2.0, by Terry Lynn

DJ Annie (The Mixtape Show, The BTR Top Ten) picks the Beehive State/Cotillion Blues single, by White Rabbits

DJ DoseU (Anatomy of a Blogger, The Remix Hour, The Rock Show) picks Sexuality, by Sebastien Tellier

DJ Chris H (TransPacific) picks In Ghost Colours, by Cut Copy

DJ Maia (BTR Live Studio, The Folk Wave) picks Child Bearing Man, by Little Teeth

Ms. Drama (Major Playaz Radio, Underground Noize Radio, Hip-Hop Digest) picks Untitled, by Nas

DJ Laura (Jam Session, The Boston Scene) picks Back To The Woods, by The Brew

DJ Mojo (Maximum Music) picks Alone In This Dark Romantic Night, by Beautiful Lunar Landscape

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– BTR Staff


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