Underground Noize Radio

Baby Triggy

Check out the brand new Underground Noize Radio from the one and only Ms. Drama here!

Talented, charismatic, energetic, and magnetic are simply a few adjectives to describe the young rising star Baby Triggy. Hailing from Queens, NY this 12 year old hip-hop phenomenon possesses the ability to control a stage, engaging the audience in fresh, fun, and skilled lyrics with the “swagger” of any hip-hop notable in the music industry.

Baby Triggy has been making appearances at different venues and special events throughout New York City. On October 21, 2008 Baby Triggy hit the stage at the Public Assembly for the Annual Mix-Tape (Justo) Award’s “Mix-tape Master’s Marathon Showcase”, featuring Joell Ortiz. Baby Triggy received great feedback from the crowd as he spit his “playground, school yard” rendition of Biggie’s “The Warning.”

Baby Triggy also performed for legendary hip-hop artist Coolio at Hot 97 Peter Rosenberg’s contest for Coolio’s new reality show.  With Violator Management behind him, Baby Triggy works diligently in school as well as pursuing his music career.

A few days later on October 28th, Baby Triggy made an red carpet appearance at the Manhattan Center for the Entertainer’s 4 Education Alliance & Hot 97’s “Stay In School  Concert”, which promoted education and its importance. Baby Triggy hit the stage with some of music’s favorites like Ryan Leslie, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, David Banner, Maino, and Cheri Dennis to name a few. Baby Triggy received an enormous amount of support and praise; a prelude to the bright future that lies ahead.


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