BTR’s Cooking Show

Yes, you read that correctly. BTR has a brand-new show centered around food that you’re not going to want to miss.  With a different DJ in rotation each week. Check it out here!


What you will need!

1. 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2. Bacon – one slice for each breast
3. One pack of pre-packaged dried smoked ham luncheon meat
4. One can cream of mushroom soup
5. One cup (8 oz. container) sour cream
6. Pepper
7. Curry powder
8. Two cups of organic, brown Basmati rice
9. One bag of frozen broccoil florets
9. One large, rectangular Pyrex baking dish
10. Two pots with lids

00:00 Delta Juliet Latola
04:23 Birds – Frida Hyvonen
07:08 London Bridges – Ivy League
10:16 Black Rice – Women
13:32 Delta Juliet Latola
15:57 Milk & Honey In In My Dub – Prince Fatty
19:28 Let Her Know – Estate
22:16 Black Grease – The Black Angels
26:50 Delta Juliet Latola
29:06 Great Food Is Cooked By Psychoes – Patton Oswalt
31:38 Golden Throat – Continental Divide
34:55 Dual Motion – Snakes Say Hisss!
37:48 Nice Fox – The Rosebuds
41:10 A Song About A Bird I Know – That Ghost
44:09 Delta Juliet Latola
45:10 Comin’ In Hot With A Side Of Bacon – Look Mexico
49:23 Goodnite – Melody Gardot
52:41 Delta Juliet Latola
54:03 Hot Chicken – Manu Dibango
58:27 Finish


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