Major Playaz Radio: Black Steele

Check out special guests Black Stelle on today’s episode of Major Playaz Radio!

The dynamic duo known as Black-Steele are getting rave reviews for their stellar performance and consistent grind. Their searing first single ‘Gangsta Lean’ is an underground testimonial for real hip-hop heads that look for rawness and authenticity. The connectedness between the two is unmatched by today’s standards, which is why mixtape DJs, fans and radio are taking notice. “We felt together we are unstoppable and our styles compliment one another”, states Clyde Black. “I feed off of him and he feeds off of me”, adds D. Steele. After creating an enormous buzz with ‘I Got Ya’, which landed #15 on the charts of the Prime Movers section (Sure Record Pool), while standing strong in the #2 spot (Top Turntables Ads Section), the duo caught the attention of Gazelle Alexander at Koch Records, who suggested a remix to keep the buzz going. With a remix done, Black-Steele were able to get a more favorable response in addition to over 400 spins. Now with the currently single garnering over 500 plays a day on MySpace, the situation is heating up, it is only logical a recording deal is forthcoming. With Clyde Black’s superior wordplay and D. Steele’s raspy voice and slick delivery, the new single’s virtual omnipresence on the radio is what the industry needs.

-Ms. Drama


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