BTR Presents: A Musical Halloween

Chad VanGaalen “TMNT Mask” – Maybe it’s because of childhood bed sheets that sported “Turtle Power” or just the plain fact that the old school cartoon series rocked, but slapping on a Donatello mask and fashioning a bo staff this year just seems appealing. Get extra style points by carrying around a pizza with anchovies all night.

Born Ruffians (above) “Kurt Vonnegut” – You might have to slap on a “Hello, My Name Is…” sticker to wordlessly express your intent, but how cool would it be if you went trick or treating sans name tag and somebody rushes up to you to say, “Slaughterhouse Five got me through high school.”  That alone should be reason enough to steal this idea.

Clinic (above) “Jigsaw Man” – What’s it gonna be? A breezy landscape…meandering sea life…one of Picasso’s works?  Coming up with the perfect pieces to the puzzle might be more fun than gathering tooth aches, unless they’re from miniature peanut butter cups. Those things are evil.

Tie: Flight Of The Conchords (above) “Bowie” or “Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros” – One is a rock god that has a wealth of catalogued personas to replicate, while the other requires equal combinations of animal hides and b-boy gear. Ziggy Stardust or Horny Hip-Hopper? That’s why it’s a tie.

Keller Williams “Ninja Of Love” – Throwing stars shaped liked hearts. Disappearing in a cloud of pink smoke. Doing a back flip while signing “I Love You” in midair. Need I go on?

Notable Mentions:
CocoRosie “Rainbow Warriors” – Danger: Might be confused for Power Rangers.
IAMISee “Bruce Lee” – This one is just easy for me to pull off, and some people even confuse me for him outside the month of October.
Colourmusic “Rock and Roll Polar Bear” – Three words: Kiss Polar Bear.



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