New Show: Via Berlin

DJ Katia is hosting a brand new show featuring the best from the German music scene- it’s called Via Berlin, and on her first edition she’s spinning tracks from The TWJ, Warren Suicide, Sir Simon, T.Raumschmiere, and a ton more. This is definitely something new for BTR and we hope you love this music as much as we do.

As far as our fabulous new DJ: Katia Berg is a dj who lives and works in Berlin. There she is currently doing an ungodly early morning show at an otherwise nice radio station. Her interests vary from the study of abandoned stuffed animals, to the mating habits of wombats and sugar-squirrels. Not content with this, she is engaged in armature entomology: particularly she has recently become obsessed with the north American cicada killer wasp and of course its hapless noisy prey – the cicada (who spend over a decade under the ground before emerging).

At this point in her life Katia is a transatlantic nomad of sorts going from New York to Berlin. While on bike, jet, subway or foot she enjoys observing people and wonders “What is their story? ,,,and Why the heck are they behaving that way?”

Oh and… she happens to like music, too. A lot.

Check out some of her favorites on her first show!


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