Artist of the Week: Jumbling Towers

The game known as Jenga in America is not known as Jenga in other countries. In Israel, it’s known as Mapolet. In Brazil, it’s called Torremoto. If you’re shopping at a toy store in Denmark, it will be Klodsmajor that you are looking for. And, in the United Kingdom the game is known as Jumbling Towers, which sounds like an excellent name for an up-and-coming rock band. However, the name is already taken by a quartet of gents from St. Louis, Missouri, and if their musical prowess were a game of Jenga, the tower would be stacked sky high with no sign of tumbling down.

Jumbling Towers initially formed in 2005, though its band members had previously collaborated together in a high school band known as Dorian Gray.  Their self-titled debut album was released in 2007, and they released an EP in June of this year entitled Classy Entertainment. What’s rather fantastic is that  the 6-song EP is  currently available to download totally free of charge from the band’s sleek website, at

On both their debut release and latest effort, the band’s sound seems centered around the theatric and expressive vocals of  charismatic frontman Joe DeBoer. His  sneering vocal delivery and lyrical performance pairs perfectly with the eerie instrumentals, which are domianted by archaic sounding synthesizers.  Combined with sharply cracking drums and lo-fi production, the overall effect is that of an old-school parlor piano vibe.

Each track on Classy Entertainment is more than just a song; the band makes sure of that. The tunes seem to coalesce into something of a sarcastic commentary on American culture, with the ever-condescending style of DeBoer  hanging over everything like the lights above a dramatic stage production. One wonders just what DeBoer is like in a live setting, and it’s hard not to imagine the band  putting on a thrilling live performance, especially for songs such as “Classy Entertainment” and “Apartments;” songs that  have already become classics at BTR.

The band recently announced via their myspace that they are working on new material, and being that the bulk of the BTR airstaff is hooked on their tunes we’ll be chomping at the bit for anything we can get our mitts on, so of course we’ll pass it along to you. Keep listening to BTR!


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