BTR Live Studio: Theo Eastwind

Today we’re in the studio with professional subway musician Theo Eastwind!

He’s been performing under the streets of New York for 13 years, winning new fans and selling over 12,000 CDs with his arresting performances and talented songwriting.

Theo recently competed with 15 other musicians to be crowned New York City’s best subway musician in the NYC Soundtracks competition.

Theo Eastwind just finished recording a new album recorded entirely on a NYC subway platform (he won’t tell us which one!) and spends up to 6 hours performing around the city each day. He stopped by our studios last week before his above-ground gig at the Cutting Room. I had the chance to speak with Theo about recording his new album, what he’s learned in the past 13 years, and what his typical day looks like.

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2 responses to “BTR Live Studio: Theo Eastwind

  1. Theo is by far one of the most wonder-full artists in NY. Why he is not famous beyond believe is a mystery to me.

  2. Theo has a show coming up,
    check the info below,
    I’ll see you there,

    Saturday, Sep 12 2009
    Jalpoy Theatre
    315 Columbia street,
    brooklyn/ Ny 11231
    Clubs Phone: 718-395-3214

    Jalopy Theatre presents:
    Theo Eastwind (solo)
    performing songs from his new CD
    “King of the underground”

    G or F trains to Carroll Str. Brooklyn

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