Live From Pianos, NYC: Kristoffer Ragnstam

Check out a live performance from Kristoffer Ragnstam live @ Pianos. The show was recorded on August 27th! Check it out!

Upcoming Live Dates:

Sep 24 2008 Stengade 30 Copenhagen
Sep 25 2008 Reeperbahnfestival Hamburg, Hamburg
Sep 27 2008 Kfz with Tingsek Marburg
Sep 28 2008 Studio 101 with Tingsek Berlin, Berlin
Sep 29 2008 Bei Chez Heinz Hannover
Sep 30 2008 Zum Teufel Heidelbeg
Oct 02 2008 Waldsee Freiburg
Oct 03 2008 Kulturfabrik Kufstein
Oct 04 2008 Weekender Club Innsbruck
Oct 05 2008 Albani Winterthur
Oct 08 2008 Szene Wien/With Under Byern Wein, Wien
Oct 12 2008 Jaz Rostock


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