Artist of the Week: Noah and the Whale

This week’s artist of the week hails from Twickenham, London, England. The four piece band consists of Charlie Fink on vocals and guitar, Doug Fink on drums, Tom Hobden on fiddle and Matt Urby on Bass. They call themselves Noah and the Whale (a play on the name of the writer and director and title of the 2005 film, The Squid and the Whale). The group formed in 2006 and just this year, released their debut album, Peaceful The World Lays Me Down. I had a few questions for the band, and Charlie so very kindly answered them for me.


BTR: Hey Guys, thanks for doing this interview! First things first, how did the band form, how did you meet?

We are actually manufactured by our label Young and Lost. Sara writes the songs and Nadia choreographs the dance moves. That might not be true.

BTR: Love the name! Did you consider names such as Wes and the Bottlerockets or Alfred and the Lifeboats?

I was actually in a band called Bottlerocket. True story.

BTR: The Squid and the Whale is a very cool movie. Did you guys drink beer when you were ten years old? Did you ever try to pass off a classic song as if it was yours?

I only try to pass off classic songs as my own. I am also pretty good at table tennis.

BTR: The band is quite young- do you feel that is an issue when is comes to presenting yourself to the world?

NATW: No it just means there’s plenty more to come. We all remember Bob Dylan’s speech when he collected that civil rights award.

BTR: Your album will be released in the U.S. in September. I assume this will be your first proper tour of the States? What are your feelings on this?

NATW: I feel slightly hungry.

BTR: What is the deal with your side project, “The A Sides?”

They’re the punk band that formed when we were in the studio recording B-sides. If you’ve read the Motley Crue book ‘Dirt’ you’ll get the picture.

BTR: Wikipedia says you are a folk rock band. I am not sure that I agree. Thoughts?

NATW: I think we’re a punk band.

BTR: Is it easier to pick up ladies now that the band is established and touring?

NATW: Do you mean literally? As in like lift them in the air? No.

BTR: What is life like on the road?

NATW: It’s like watching the world from the window of a moving train.

BTR: Any bands that you guys would like to talk about that deserve recognition?

Adrian Orange/ Thanksgiving, Diane Cluck, The Muslims and Planet Earth. Particularly Planet Earth.

BTR: Anything else you would like to add?

NATW: Muesli and love yourself.

Catch Noah and the Whale live!

Sep 6 2008 Bestival (BBC Introducing Stage) -Isle of Wight, England, UK
Sep 13 2008 End Of The Road Festival -North Dorset, England, UK
Sep 16 2008 Union Pool -Brooklyn, NY
Sep 18 2008 Sidewalk Cafe (FREE SHOW) -New York, NY
Sep 19 2008 Mercury Lounge -New York, NY
Sep 20 2008 Toad (FREE SHOW) -Boston, MA
Sep 22 2008 The Saint (FREE SHOW) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sep 23 2008 Horseshoe Tavern (FREE SHOW) -Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sep 26 2008 Empty Bottle -Chicago, IL
Sep 29 2008 Chop Suey (FREE SHOW) -Seattle, WA
Sep 30 2008 Doug Fir (FREE SHOW) -Portland, OR
Oct 2 2008 Pop Scene at 330 Ritch -San Francisco, CA
Oct 4 2008 Detour Festival -Los Angeles, CA
Oct 6 2008 Spaceland (FREE SHOW) -Los Angeles, CA


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