Tour Update

Valient Thorr

It’s time to throw up your rocket launchers! Do you know what I’m talking about?

Nearing the end of their cross-country jaunt with Skeletonwitch and Early Man, the jean-vested and back-patched men of Valient Thorr are going to keep the dream alive after a fortnight break, joining Motorhead, Airbourne, Misfits, & Year Long Disaster on the West to East coast Volcom Tour 2008, bringing a wagon train of metal goodness to the Midwest and beyond.

You got to hand it to Valient Thorr frontman Valient Himself. The man just gave one of his kidneys to his father (who was suffering from renal failure) on April 29th, and is already back in fighting shape (to the relief of ‘Thorriers’ everywhere).

Speaking of, if you would like to become a ‘Thorrier’ yourself, check this out (taken from the band’s website):

1. Click here to download the Valient Thorr logo.

2. Print that sucker out.

3. Go to thrift store and obtain jean jacket (the crustier the better, stone wash a plus).

4. Cut stencil from print out. Make those lines tight y’all. Put some pride in your burger.

5. Acrylic paint works well. We like to use the sponge technique to paint on the back, followed by a brush for fill in. Sometimes it is good to do a white undercoat before applying color.

6. To get a crisp outline, use a Sharpie or paint marker.

7. Cut off sleeves.

8. Put that bad motherfucker on your back, grow your hair out, and keep rock and roll dangerous.

9. Take picture of yourself and post it on the Thorriors Flickr group (if you don’t know how to do that shit, email your pic to and they will post it for you)…love Nitewolf AKA Professor Strangees.

How badass is that? And never mind how hilariously written those directions are. It’s no surprise that most of the cats in Valient Thorr have Master’s Degrees.

Continue reading here!


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