BTR Live Studio: Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio

Today we’ve got an exclusive live performance and interview from Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio!

Brian joined us at our studios last night for an exclusive live acoustic performance of 10 songs, including new tunes from the upcoming Beat Radio EP Sunday Matinee.

These songs are a wonderfully rewarding listen. Try them out in your headphones and start thinking about fall (that’s what I think of when I listen to Brian – and not just because he mentions this very subject in one of his songs…)

DJ Maia got the chance to speak to Brian about the evolution of Beat Radio, what songs would be on his end-of-summer mix tape, and a special surprise coming this September. You’ll hear the interview throughout the show today.

Beat Radio plays Union Pool  (Brooklyn, NY) on August 21st


00:00 Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio
00:44 Tree Tops
04:21 Interview
06:41 Another Loveless Anthem
09:38 Interview
10:51 Lonely From Rock And Roll
14:10 Interview
15:39 Behind The Blue
19:00 Interview
19:40 Strange Flowers
23:12 Teenage Anthem For The Drunken Boat
26:52 Interview
29:03 What I Love The Most
33:07 Sunday Matinee
36:01 Interview
38:05 Closing Scene
42:02 Elegy


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