BTR Live Studio: Boogie Boarder

They’re currently working on a new album before one of their band members moves away for a bit, so you’ll hear most of their new material in today’s show. Boogie Boarder is part of Famous Class Recordings, and Famous Class, an art collective made up of assortive musical and visual artists. Check out the session here.

00:00 Boogie Boarder on BTR Live Studio
01:08 Little GIants
05:34 Interview
07:35 Spaghetti Snorter
10:03 Interview
11:02 Bummers Begin
15:03 Interview
16:09 Pigpile (Medley)
22:55 Isaac
25:24 Adult ALT
28:4 Interview
30:17 Rings + USRA (Medley)


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