BTR Live Studio: Elizabeth Harper & The Matinee

Elizabeth Harper, Michael Flis, Scott Rosenthal,and Andy Zehnal join us today for a live performance of a bunch of their new songs. Maia also had the chance to chat with the group about their next album, plans for touring, biking in New York, the subway, and what music Elizabeth listens to when she’s all by her lonesome. Hall & Oates, anyone?

Seriously, we love them! Find out more at and see ’em live in September.

Next Show: 9/16 @ Zebulon – Brooklyn,NY

00:00 Elizabeth Harper on BTR Live Studio
00:49 Someone Real To Love
04:29 Interview
06:10 In The Pain
09:42 Interview
10:47 Catch The Light
15:03 Interview
18:15 Let Me Take You Out Tonight
21:57 Jealousy
25:46 Interview
27:45 Carried Away
30:34 Do You Follow Me
34:51 Sunday Night
37:17 Interview
39:14 Love Doesn’t Matter


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