Artist of the Week: Chairlift

This week we honor Chairlift, a band from Brooklyn, New York making their way into the realm of modern indie recognition with their subtle and haunting new wave sound. Aaron (Guitar), Patrick (Drums) and Caroline (Vocals) have done well for themselves with their much anticipated album, Does You Inspire You, soon to be released on Kanine Records, with whom they recently signed.

The album is a rhythmic combination of new wave and the sort of ambient rock often found in groups like Yo La Tengo and Joanna Newsom. The melodies are delicate and the vocal sounds and lyrical content coming from Caroline Polachek are soft and intimate while powerful and mature. Stand out tracks include “Garbage”, “Somewhere Around Here”, and “Make Your Mind Up”.

The band kindly took time out of their busy touring schedule to explain some details of the new album when Patrick Wimberly explained, “Our new album is our first full-length. We’ve spent almost a year writing and recording it.  It was recorded at Great City Productions with the extremely talented producer Britt Meyers. The writing process for us seems to vary from song to song. Usually Caroline or Aaron will come to rehearsal with an idea and then we will spend weeks or even months putting all of our ideas into the song. In the end, it comes out as a Chairlift song.”

It seems they are moving in leaps and bounds, especially since the release of the MGMT remix of a single off of Chairlift’s new album titled “Evident Utensil”, which is currently sold on 7-inch vinyl. The attention given to the uncharacteristically major label group (Columbia Records), MGMT (friends of Chairlift), no doubt translated to the enthusiasm and anticipation from bloggers and the like for Does You Inspire You.

In fact, when asked what the group is listening to in their spare time they mention their friends in MGMT. They’re also enjoying tunes from Brightblack Morning Light,  Notwist’s Neon Golden and according to Caroline, the book on tape of Fountain Head by Ayn Rand. As for their own music, the debut album is set to hit stores on October 28th and can be experienced at a stellar live performance near you.

Forming as recently as early 2006 after Caroline and Patrick met at school in Colorado and ultimately got together with Aaron after they all moved to New York City, they have just departed on a tour beginning in Omaha, taking them around to eastern seaboard from New York to Massachusetts, down to Atlanta, through Austin and quickly over to Los Angeles. Performing alongside the trio is Ariel Pink, an experimental beat-bosing solo artist from Los Angeles, of which Wimberly says”‘He and his band are incredible and we are huge fans. It’s quite an honor to be touring with Ariel.”

If you aren’t lucky enough to be graced by these gentle creatures then you can simply head on over to the live studio session and interview the group performed exclusively for BTR. Included in the session is a video performance of “Somewhere Around Here”,  formerly  titled “Deer Hunt.” Just make sure to dim the lights and begin your breathing exercises. After listening to this album you will  be shocked that it is only the first from the talented trio. We were so happy to have had these true artists come to full bloom in our studio and will always welcome them back with open arms and airwaves.

7/28/08  –  Zoo Bizarre [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Montreal, QC
7/29/08  –  TT The Bears [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Boston, MA
7/30/08  –  Knitting Factory [ w/ Ariel Pink + Mixel Pixel ] – New York, NY
7/31/08  –  People’s Center [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – New Haven, CT
8/01/08  –  M Room [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Philadelphia, PA
8/02/08  –  Sonar [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Baltimore, MD
8/03/08  –  Nightlight [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Chapel Hill, NC
8/04/08  –  Eyedrum [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Atlanta, GA
8/05/08  –  Ali Baba’s [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Tallahassee, FL
8/06/08  –  Spanish Moon [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Baton Rouge, LA
8/07/08  –  Walter’s On Washington [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Houston, TX
8/08/08  –  Hailey’s [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Denton, TX
8/09/08  –  Mohawk [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Austin, TX
8/11/08  –  Plush [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Tucson, AZ
8/12/08  –  The Echo [ w/ Ariel Pink ] – Los Angeles, CA


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