New Oxford Collapse Record, New British Sea Power festival

Oxford Collapse: A New CD
British Sea Power: A New Festival

If the title confuses you, it should. First, let us get the given out of the way. Though slightly more conventional, no less exciting is the announcement of a new album from Sub Pop sweethearts Oxford Collapse. It will be titled BITS and released on August 5th and officially at the Glasslands in Brooklyn August 21st. Insiders claim the sound is much like hard experimental rockers, No Age. Oxford Collapse is a group from Brooklyn, New York who play often pounding Band of Horses-like rock music. On regular rotation here at BreakThru Radio, the group last released Remember the Night Parties in 2006. The current album is also especially spontaneous. According to the band, “We were standing outside of the studio figuring out a lot of these lyrics right before we recorded them.” Much of the group’s music includes improvisation from within the studio, creating a very personal listening experience. Keep a keen eye and a quick clicking-finger out for all of those tracks in weekly shows of the future. But the Oxford Collapse is not the only group to give birth to a creative baby in the last month. British Sea Power, another group familiar to listeners of, have brought their own creation to the music world, but no new album since their last, Do You Like Rock Music? No, this is much different.

British Sea Power

Believe it or not, British Sea Power, a UK group, has decided to create their own music festival called Sing Ye From the Hillside which will take place at a bar called the Tan Inn Pub in Yorkshire Dales, an area of Northern England, over the course of three days, (August 29-31). What is even more unconventional is their partnership with Dent Brewery to create their own beer for the festival. Potentially not a bad money-making move for this group of Brits. Even more of a draw is the fact that they will play a different set every day, one with music they created for the soundtrack for a movie called Man of Aran, a documentary about life unique to the Aran Islands off the western coast of Ireland. The other two sets will be filled with rare songs and others not-so-rare. And soon to be not-so-rare could be independent artists like the BSP seeking other untold avenues from which to make money. One can only hope those ideas are as good as more beer.


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