Hello My Name Is- The Black Angels, Gotye, and Half Acre Day

Nothing satisfies the never-ending itch of curiosity than finding out how your favorite bands came upon their names. All you can hope for is a good anecdote, and with this week’s installment of “Hello, My Name Is,” that mission is accomplished. We’ve got the scoop on The Black Angels, Gotye, and Half Acre Day.

Half Acre Day

Out of Seattle, Washington, Half Acre Day recently released their third album, 14 Trips Around The Sun, which takes its name from the fact that the band has been together for 14 years.

Guitarist and lead singer Matt Kristiansen says the band’s unique name, however, comes from an amalgam of space and time, in an attempt to measure time using two-dimensional spatial units. “It’s very scientific, involving complex algorithms, equations and the like,” he says. “There are currently only five people on the planet who fully understand it, but in the future it will provide the energy necessary to maintain the amenities we enjoy today, such as toast.”

Well, we don’t want anything messing with our toast, do we?


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