Artist of the Week: Joey Allcorn

When meeting new people, a common question to ask is “What kind of music do you like to listen to?” In my own personal experience, people usually say “Everything, except country.”

When asked to be more specific, the person often refers to the kind of country music played on commercial radio, which, unfortunately, has come to define an entire genre of music, for the worse.

That is a terrible shame, because like every other genre of music out there, the realm of country music has many different flavors, categories and classifications.

“When you go into a record store, pick up Billboard magazine, and go to Rock, you have Hard Rock, you have Adult Contemporary, you have all these different sub genres of Rock,” says Joey Allcorn, an actual country artist out of Nashville, Tennessee. “Country music is the only genre, still to this day, that has not been sub-categorized,” he continues. “You go to the record store, and you got Hank Williams sitting next to Kenny Chesney, and it’s two completely different things.”

For the record, Allcorn plays the kind of country music that would fall under the Hank Williams category, if there was one. And although it’s instantly recognizable as a sound, the music is actually rather difficult to define (by today’s backwards standards).

“When you’re talking to somebody about this kind of music, you have to say that you’re alternative country, just to make them understand that you’re not Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw,” says Allcorn.

“I believe Wayne Hancock said it best when somebody told him his music was alternative country, and he said, ‘The alternative to what? They’re the alternative. I’m the authentic thing.'”

Indeed, ‘authentic’ is the adjective that rings true. Fifty Years Too Late, Allcorn’s debut album, dropped in October of 2006 and was immediately hailed as a proper continuation of the sound established by OG country legends like Ernest Tubb, Roy Acuff,  Faron Young, and, of course, Hank Williams Sr.


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