BTR Live Studio: Band of Holy Joy

Today we’re in the studio with the legendary Band of Holy Joy who stopped by our studios during the first US tour in a career spanning nearly 25 years.

The Band of Holy Joy was founded in 1984 by London songwriter Johnny Brown. After self releasing several cassettes, the band’s first record, When Stars Come Out to Play was released in 1987 on indie label Flim Flam. They later signed to Rough Trade Records and released Manic, Magic, Majestic which exposed the band to even larger audiences. The last two decades have found Johnny Brown, Alfie Thomas, and Chris Brierley disbanding, working on side projects, and reuniting to bring the magic back to The Band of Holy Joy. The band began performing together again in 2007, the same year that Cherry Red Records released Leaves That Fall In Spring, a compilation of the band’s best work.

The Band of Holy Joy played a groundbreaking tour of the US this past June, distributing their new 6 song EP Punklore, currently available only at shows. While they were in town, BTR had the pleasure of bringing the band into our New York studios to record today’s exclusive live session and interview.

After their performance I had a chance to speak with frontman Johnny Brown and manager Mike Pearlstein. At the end of the program you’ll hear a special live performance from Band of Holy Joy offshoot The Society of Imaginary Friends!

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