Artists on Tour: Pattern is Movement and SoliLLaquists of Sound

For our June Tour Update, we’re checking in with two groups that push the boundaries of their art form to exhilaratingly awesome levels.

On one hand we have Pattern is Movement; a duo from Philadelphia that has managed to successfully combine classical music with math rock, both in the studio and on the stage. Their latest album, All Together, came out in May, and sounds unlike anything else you may happen upon this summer.

On the other mitt are the SoliLLaquists of Sound; a hip-hop collective out of Orlando, Florida whose live shows are the stuff of legend, and whose music bank consists of an all-encompassing gestalt, versus a simple collection of songs.  They are deep on a Marianas Trench level, with an evolutionary vantage on both life and hip-hop that needs to be heard.

Let’s do this!

For Pattern is Movement, we rubbed elbows with drummer Chris Ward, who has the bushier beard of the duo.

BTR: What was the highlight of your most recent tour? It seems you all were on the road pretty heavy since SXSW.

Chris Ward: At the end of our 2008 spring tour we played a really rad show at Indiana University. It’s an annual festival called Culture Shock and it’s run in connection with one of the best college radio stations, WIUX.

So, the story goes, we were playing in the middle of our set and the generator went out. This was outside. This wasn’t that big of deal and we just rolled with it by having Andrew continue to play and sing until the power came back on. However, the power went out again, but the results became a highlight that we speak of at least once during every ride while in the van. We were closing our set with our single, ‘Right Away,’ from our new album and we were dead middle in the song where it’s just Andrew on keys and me splashing around on my cymbals. After this bridge we go back into the chorus and the chant: ‘I will go right away’. Once I realized the power was gone and thus the PA, I yelled over to Andrew to have the crowd sing the chorus while I played the drums. We had all 200 people in the tent singing and yelling the song. It gives us chills to this day. The sound of that many people singing that song was an amazing experience.

BTR: What was the strangest thing that happened on this most recent jaunt?

Chris Ward: While driving through west Texas and heading into Arizona the terrain changes a lot. You go from flat Texas, to hilly Texas and Arizona. The temperature also fluctuates a great deal as well. When we first made our maiden voyage touring the US, back in 2005, we were driving to Tucson, Arizona and our back right van tire blew out. Luckily the fact that we were towing a trailer kept us going straight and we pulled over and got it taken care of. Now, on this most recent tour, we were driving the same drive with a different car and trailer and guess what? Our trailer tire blew out! We were just about 25 miles away from the area where we blew out in 2005. It was quite a bummer and having seen No Country For Old Men recently, we were both scared of the desolate desert.

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