Hello My Name Is..with Young Agent Jones, Arma Secreta, and The Winter Sounds

The Winter Sounds came up with a long list of names that they felt reflected the mood and music of the band. Lead singer and bassist Patrick Keenan says that their final choice was written down as kind of a Zen-thing – like trying to imagine the sound of snow falling.

”Winter also being the season of death and an end to life felt right for where the inspiration for most of the songs came. Which is kind of contemplating an end to life, a life shared with friends and out of which much love has been created. And trying to capture the belief that love does not disappear entirely, without getting into any real spiritual or religious beliefs, but more of just hope that things will get better,” explains Keenan. “The name was very simple, and yet there was a beauty in its simplicity. It seemed that any way I could describe the music, the name would always fit.”


Continue reading about Young Agent Jones and Arma Secreta here!


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