Rubber Records on BTR

We have a brand new record label showcase here on the site, straight out of Melbourne, Australia!  It’s called Rubber Records, and it has been blessing ear drums the world over since the late 1980s. The label was founded by one David Vodicka; a former radio DJ for Triple R FM, and an accomplished barrister in the realm of entertainment law. Rubber Records had their first hit release in 1998, with the first and only record from the Australian band Cordrazine, called From Here To Wherever. Since then Vodicka and friends have released a whole mess of quality music, including albums from Tweezer, The Casanovas, The Silents, Gareth Skinner, Ice Cream Hands, and dozens more. On DJ duty is Chris H., a Melbourne native and host of our weekly “TransPacific” show on Saturdays. Every weekend he’s showcasing some of the best tunes coming out of Australia and New Zealand, so hit it up if you haven’t already.  Check out the showcase here!


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