Artist of the Week: Flying Lotus

If Hollywood were to make a film documenting the life of the famed DJ/Producer Flying Lotus, they wouldn’t have to fictionalize a thing. The man’s life thus far reads like a high-concept story of destiny, with 2008 looking to be the year the name ‘FlyLo’ finally flashes five feet wide and luminous from year-end ‘Best Of’ lists.

First off, Flying Lotus (aka Steven Ellison) has highly esteemed musical blood running through his veins, with his great-aunt being none other than jazz legend Alice Coltrane, whom he was very close with. That’s a good start.

Second, the coveted demographic of males aged 18-34 are likely to be extremely familiar with the music of Flying Lotus already, even though they may have never heard the name. ‘FlyLo’, as he’s known, is behind a lot of the imaging and promo music for Adult Swim; the uber popular late-night spinoff of the Cartoon Network. So, the next time you happen to be watching those famous Adult Swim intertitles in Helvetica Neue font, listen carefully.

Third, with the required ‘standout-debut-on-a-relatively-unknown-indie-label’ in the books (and duly noted) with 2006’s 1983, off of Plug Research Records, Flying Lotus graduated on a summa cum laude level, signing a deal with the mother of all electronically-based music labels, Warp Records, home to such jaw-dropping artists as Squarepusher, Grizzly Bear, Battles, and Aphex Twin.

With his first release off of Warp coming in the form of the Reset EP, which dropped back in October of 2007, the path is now clear for his sophomore full-length, Los Angeles, which will be available to download from the Warpmart on June 10th.

For the most part, the songs of Los Angeles seamlessly segue into each other, making a journey through the album akin to listening to a staggeringly well-executed DJ set.

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