Blogger of the Week: Rock Sellout

For those that don’t know, we have a featured blogger every week. This week, it’s Rock Sellout. Our featured blogger will be posting all week to the BTR site, so stay tuned! Here’s the post for today:

Before I serve the meat, I wanted to toss a few potatoes on your plate: I’m pleased to report that Rock Sellout has been asked to be BreakThru Radio’s “Blogger of the Week”. This is the first of five posts that will appear on their site this week. Stop by and check them out, specifically our friend Jack Rabid’s (The Big Takeover) show. Fair enough?!

Joy Division fans will once again have a reason to dance (and celebrate the irony). The biographical film Control will hit store shelves on June 3rd. If that wasn’t enough of an Ian Curtis fix, you can get your hands on the Grant Lee directed documentary Joy Division on June 17th.

Did that news create a smile big enough to push the cheeks off the sides of your face? Maybe this will: I have a copy of each DVD to send to one lucky winner!!

What you’ll win:

1. Control DVD: Fighting a personal battle with epilepsy, romantic troubles with his wife and girlfriend, and the overwhelming success of the band, Ian Curtis, the enigmatic singer of Joy Division, commits suicide at the age of 23, the night before embarking on an American tour.

2. Joy Division DVD: Interviews with band members Bernard Summer, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and other individuals, blend with archival footage and more to offer a chronological account of the influential late 1970s English rock band Joy Division.

How you can win them: Share your favorite Joy Division memory in the comments section…I’ll pick my favorite comment and send the DVDs to one lucky reader. Easy enough, right?!

I’m looking for creativity here, kids. Don’t tell me the song “Love Will Tear Us Apart” changed your life and expect to win. Tell me where you were when you first heard it, how you were feeling at that particular time, etc. Get the picture?

As much as it hurts to write this: US entrants only. Contributors of Rock Sellout and BreakThru Radio are not eligible to win. Contest ends Sunday, June 1st (12pm CST).

To read more, visit Rock Sellout


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