Loveless Records on BTR

The Loveless staff

For us BTR DJs, nothing is more exciting than the addition of a new record label to the music library. Every independent label we add is home to a unique microcosm of music, often with its own ironclad central theme, ideology, or mission statement. We’re happy to present the latest label showcase: Loveless Records. Hosted by DJ Jezz of “Get Into the Van” fame, the show features some great tracks from The Shackletons, Voyager One, Bundle of Hiss, and much more. Check out the show here! To learn more about Loveless, be sure to check out the feature article on BTR, as well as visiting Loveless online!

00:00 Jezz Intro
00:42 Slower California – Voyager One
06:16 Stray Dogs – Orbiter
10:22 Spiderbite – The Drop
15:37 Jezz Announcement
16:32 The Breaks – The Shackeltons
19:02 Dagger Bones – Los Halos
25:10 Christina – Pris
29:34 Even The Oxen – Jonny Polonsky
33:45 Jezz Announcement
34:25 Jesus Christ Made Seattte Under Protest – The Mellors
37:52 Red Letters – The Ruby Doe
40:51 Amputhetic – Pris
45:05 Ash Wednesday – Bundle Of Hiss
50:34 Jezz Announcement
51:13 Stupid Is – Carrie Akre
54:45 The Ship – The Shackeltons
57:33 Ocean Grey – Voyager One
61:15 Blue Star – Los Halos
65:11 Jezz Announcement
66:13 Why Bother – The Drop
69:35 Plaid Lined Jacket – Tom Brosseau
73:48 Back & Forth – Carrie Akre
77:43 Paper Tiger – Orbiter
81:25 Let Me Out – Jonny Polonsky
84:23 Your Movement – The Shackeltons
88:26 Jezz Announcement
89:08 The Future Is Obsolete – Voyager One
92:35 End.


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