BTR Live Studio: Tall Firs

New York based folk-rock trio Tall Firs joins BTR this Friday. The group stopped by our studios to perform an electric set this week. They have a brand new record out entitled “Too Old to Die Young” out on Ecstatic Peace Records. DJ Jeff K had a chance to talk with the group about the new record and and the recording process. Be sure to check them out live in your neighborhood this summer!

00:01  DJ Intro
01:03  Hairdo
04:20  Hippies
09:00  Look Out St. Mike
11:57  Interview with Tall Firs
14:54  Blue In The Dark
18:41  So Messed Up
22:25  Secrets and Lies
26:49  Us and Our Friends
29:07  Interview with Tall Firs Pt. 2
33:20  Loveless
36:58  DJ Outro


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