Hello My Name Is…with Orang Goreng, Matik, and T-99!

On this week’s edition of “Hello My Name Is” we are going to feature three bands from Amsterdam, the Netherlands that were featured on the May edition of “Spotlight on the City”. Matik, Oreng Gorang and T-99 will share their stories on how they came up with their respective names.


Matik is a four piece electro-pop outfit from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The band won both the 2006 Amsterdam Pop Award and the 2007 Dutch Grand Prize. They were also voted most interesting newcomers by the Amsterdam-based indie music website, VPRO 3voor12. Their song, ’’Dance it Off”, can be heard in the latest Heineken commercial. They have played to packed houses at Vreemd in Amsterdam’s Sugar Factory and were a special live act at the glamorous Bas Kosters fashion show in 2006.

Matik consists of Niles on beats & synths, Peter on the mic, Maarten on guitar and Sajoscha on bass. When Niels was asked how the group came up with their name, he responded with a rather amusing answer.

“Funny question (laughs).  Like all bands, finding an original name for your band is very difficult. We thought something abstract would really work. So, one evening we had a brainstorming session in my old kitchen, to find our band name. My eyes fell on my very old fridge that had the name Automatik.”

“I guess you can figure out the rest! Matik felt to us like the same way our music was moving, and at that time all our drums came from a sequencer. Now we have a drummer who imitates a sequencer, and he’s really good at it. So, Matik still stands for our rhythm.”

Catch Matik Live!

Jun 15 2008 at Op de Toffel in Vlieringsbeek, the Netherlands
Aug 31 2008 at Kempenerpop in Waalre, the Netherlands

Orang Goreng

Orang Goreng is the solo project of Zainal Haberham, the Amsterdam-based multi-instrumentalist and guitar player for the well-known band Pony Pack.

“Orang Goreng” means “fried human” or “fried man” in Indonesian,” says Haberham. “I’m half Dutch and half Indonesian, by the way. I mainly like the way it sounds, Orang Goreng!”

“The origin of me using it dates back to a period where I was considered to suffer from a burn-out, and consequently all of a sudden had a lot of free time to spend on making music. Burnt-out, half-Indonesian dude, equals fried, half-Indonesian dude, equals fried Indonesian man, equals Orang Goreng. That kind of thing.”

“It has come to my attention that it’s also Malay slang for a specific VD, so, in that case, it means “fried manhood”, corresponding to the appearance of the afflicted member. Of course I found out about this long after picking my name. Ah well, you can’t win them all.”


The Amsterdam based trio, T-99, made their debut with the release of their album Coo-Coo in 2001. The group consists of Mischa den Haring on vocals, guitar and mandolin, Martin de Ruiteron on drums, vocals, percussion and trash-kit, and Donné la Fontaine playing upright bass, banjo, ukulele and rhythm guitar. The group plays “roots” music and recently released their latest album, Vagabonds. Mischa den Haring was happy to answer our question regarding the birth of her band’s name:

“T-99 came from the title of the classic fifties R&B song “T-99 Blues”, by Jimmy “T-99″ Nelson. He was from Houston, Texas. The T-99 was a highway that led from Houston to Fort Worth, back in the days. T-99 is also a type of rifle, and we started with the band in 1999.”

Catch T-99 Live!

May 25 2008 at Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Jun 07 2008 at Blues in Bloom in Houthalen, Belgium
Jun 21 2008 at Brennels Buiten in Kraggenburg, the  Netherlands
Jul 05 2008  at Coninxpop in Elsoo, the Netherlands



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  1. Hi zainal…my name is rossy? Zainal are your father’s name is oezaz haberham?

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