Artist of the Week: Nancy

For this week’s BreakThru Radio Artist of The Week, we caught up with Nancy, a female fronted, Brazilian rock group.  Singer Camila Zamith’s sultry voice melds perfectly with the pure rock instrumentals provided by band mates Praxis,  Dreaduardo,  Munha Fernando, and Ricky Ramirez.

Nancy’s rock sound, mixed with a dose of smoky funk, is perfect for the intimate setting of the smaller venues in which the band plays. It’s something they prefer, compared to the massive crowds at festivals like South by Southwest, which they attended this year.

The band’s story is a perfect example of the ways in which modern artists are coming together in innovative ways and creating new projects. BTR chatted with guitarist Praxis and lead singer Camila to get the details on the group’s history and future, which includes the release of their debut album, Chora Matisse!.

BTR: For our listeners that don’t know about you, please introduce yourself and the band.

Praxis: Hi, I’m Praxis, I play the guitar in the band Nancy. We’re a six-piece from Brazil. We have recently finished recording our first full-length, yet to be released, and we’re preparing for our US debut, probably in September or October.

Camila: I sing.

How did you all get started in music?

Praxis: Dread [drummer] and I have been playing together since we were teens, but we never had a proper band until college, when we met the rest of the guys. I’d rather say we met in jail, but that’s too Amy Winehouse-ish nowadays. We shared the same interest in pretentious, instrumental post-rock by then, but that’s just because we had never found a good singer – until Camila joined the band.

Camila: I got started in 2002, with Nancy. I always felt I could sing, but it was only until Nancy came along that I ‘found my calling.’

Where did your name come from?

Praxis: From Tonya Harding. We’re a rock band, our name doesn’t mean anything.

Could you explain your initial recording process of exchanging emails?

Praxis: We had been playing together for a while, but after college I moved to Rio and Camila went to Uruguay, then to London, but we still had the strong desire to make music together. So I started sending her some guitar parts and she would reply with a vocal line days later or vice-versa. It was really simple stuff we recorded with our laptops using Garageband. Then I’d e-mail it to the rest of the band and take it to rehearsal to check if it would work live. Some people thought it would never work, but it did! Thank you, Steve Jobs.

Have you actually quit your day jobs? And if so, what made you decide to make the jump?

Praxis: Yeah, we did. We regret it sometimes, though. It sucks to be poor. But day jobs suck even harder. Now, seriously, I think we got to a point where we couldn’t be musicians only during the weekends anymore. We decided we had to really focus on songwriting and recording if we wanted to have something good. Otherwise, we’d regret it for the rest of our lives.

Camila: In my case, I did quit my day job, but am now in the process of trying to find one. However, this next job will also be left behind if it interferes with the band. The decision to make the jump was simple: once you know what you want to do, you´ll do anything to be able to do it.

What is the atmosphere like at one of your shows?

Camila: Awkward and charming.

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

Camila: You can expect an album release and lots of touring, most likely in the U.S.

Would you like to add anything?

Camila: BreakThru Radio is the best.

This band is still flying under the radar but hopefully the release of their debut full-length, Chora Matisse!, will change that! Plus, keep your ears peeled for music from Nancy in rotation here on BTR.



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