BTR’s Favorite April Adds

Hooray for Earth

Cellphone EP

After herding in fans across the country with groups like Ra Ra Riot and Mission of Burma, Hooray For Earth has returned after their self-titled EP to release Cellphone, a distorted collection of driving anthems that perfectly translate their mind blowing live show to a half an hour of your own portable party. The first two tracks, ‘Cellphone’ and ‘Ellie Mae,’ will catch your ears immediately with their nineties distortion and modern dance-rock sensibilities. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by. According to QRO Magazine, the boys shocked their fans at Piano’s in New York City when they ‘managed to light the place up with an interesting and intricate light show, highlighted by flashing floodlight beneath the seat of drummer Seth Kasper.’

5/16/08 8:00pm @ TBA – Seattle, WA
5/17/08 9:00pm @ Woodshed Studios- KICK ROCKS – Seattle, WA
5/18/08 8:00pm @ TBA – Seattle, WA
6/21/08 9:00pm @ The Paradise – Boston, MA

No Age

Fresh off of the stellar Subpop roster, No Age has released Nouns. Open the album and you’ll find a thirty-six page multicolored art-book, filled with tour pictures and a twelve-track banger of an album. These days if you find yourself lost in hyperbolic reviews, another synthesizer or simply more generic indie rock, then listen to No Age. Track five, ‘Cappo,’ is a perfect example of their spacious and grimey sound. Other areas of the album drift into the ghostly world reminiscent of groups like Pavement or Les Rallizes Dénudés. This group is refreshingly raw. Take a look at them around the internet for their ever-pleasing art, but don’t expect to see them touting magazine or show reviews, only the design on the flyer. If you want to know about their live show, listen to the album (‘Miner’ to ‘Brainburner’) for motivation and then go see them.

5/6/08 8:00pm @ Bowery ballroom – New York, NY
5/9/08 8:00pm @ DISSONANZE FESTIVAL! – Rome, Roma
5/11/08 8:00pm @ Camber Sands ATP – Camber sands, London and South East
5/13/08 8:00pm @ Thelka – Bristol, Midlands
5/15/08 8:00pm @ The Great Escape – Brighton, UK
5/16/08 8:00pm @ Islington Mill – Manchester, Midlands, UK
5/17/08 8:00pm @ Nasty Fest – Leeds, Midlands, UK
5/18/08 8:00pm @ Optimo – Glasgow, Scotland
5/20/08 8:00pm @ Whelans – Dublin, Ireland
5/21/08 8:00pm @ The Dome – London, UK
5/22/08 8:00pm @ Trix – Antwerp, Belgium
5/23/08 8:00pm @ Pardiso – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
5/24/08 8:00pm @ Dagindebranding Festival – Paard, The Netherlands
5/26/08 8:00pm @ Area Wein – Viena, Wien, Austria
5/27/08 8:00pm @ Zum Tuefel – Heidleberg, Germany
5/28/08 8:00pm @ Nouveau Casion – Paris, France
5/29/08 8:00pm @ Primavera Fest – Barcelona, Spain
6/25/08 8:00pm @ SLed Island Music Festival – Calgary, AB
7/19/08 8:00pm @ Union Park – Chicago, IL
8/9/08 8:00pm @ OYA Festival – Oslo, Norway
8/9/08 8:00pm @ OYA Festival – Oslo, Norway

the Slackers

Self Medication

Thank heavens the Slackers are back. It isn’t easy to keep one’s head above water for so long in the music industry, let alone as a soulful ska band, but the Slackers do it well. Since Wasted Days they’ve made waves with their signature sound, whether giving interviews on NPR or touring around the world. It’s good to see that nothing has changed with Self Medication. ‘Every Day is Sunday’ will most likely be pushed to represent the album, but the Slackers haven’t stood their ground for seventeen years by releasing filler. Track four, ‘Estranged’ fills its role as the addictive spooky dub jam that every Slackers album requires. It is the ‘Pets of the World’ of this latest release, even referencing one of the most haunting keyboard solos in history, that of ‘Runaway’ by Del Shannon. Throw your headphones on as you skate to a smokey house of rude boys and girls near you.

5/1/08 8:00pm @ House of Blues- Delta Room – San Diego, CA
5/2/08 8:00pm @ House of Blues – Anaheim, CA
5/3/08 8:00pm @ El Rey – Los Angeles, CA
5/4/08 8:00pm @ Clubhouse – Phoenix, AZ
5/6/08 8:00pm @ Bit and Spur – Springdale, UT
5/7/08 8:00pm @ Jillians – Las Vegas, NV
5/8/08 8:00pm @ Stateside – Santa Barbara, CA
5/9/08 8:00pm @ Slims – San Francisco, CA
5/10/08 8:00pm @ The Mystic – Petaluma, CA
5/12/08 8:00pm @ El Corazon – Seattle, WA
5/13/08 8:00pm @ The Red Room – Vancouver, BC
5/14/08 8:00pm @ Element Nightclub – Victoria, BC
6/7/08 8:00pm @ Irving Plaza – New York, NY
6/17/08 8:00pm @ Daikanyama UNIT – Tokyo, Japan
6/18/08 8:00pm @ Droom – Sendai, Japan
6/19/08 8:00pm @ Mescalin Drive – Hammamatsu, Japan
6/20/08 8:00pm @ Sunsui – Osaka, Japan
6/21/08 8:00pm @ Club Upset     1-4-23 – Niigata, Japan
6/22/08 8:00pm @ Shelter – Tokyo, Japan
6/26/08 8:00pm @ Glastonbury Festival- Worthy Farm – Pilton, UK
6/27/08 8:00pm @ The Park – Leicester, UK
6/28/08 8:00pm @ Corporation – Sheffield, UK
6/30/08 8:00pm @ Liquid Room – Edinburgh, UK
7/1/08 8:00pm @ Carling Academy – Newcastle, UK
7/2/08 8:00pm @ Robin 2 – Bilston, UK
7/3/08 8:00pm @ Bierkeller – Bristol, UK
7/4/08 8:00pm @ ULU – London, UK
7/5/08 8:00pm @ The Junction – Cambridge, UK

Two Hours Traffic
Little Jabs

Little Jabs is a very itchy pop album. If the Strokes grew up happy in Connecticut, they would have grown up to be Two Hours Traffic. ‘Nighthawks’ is a love-laden introduction to an unoffending album without risk. With slow-dancers like ‘Heatseeker,’ this not-so-fab five should have high school romantics singing themselves to sleep. Surely the lyrics a song constructions are simple enough to learn quickly. All in all, Little Jabs is another brit-pop folk throw back that could use a shot in the arm (see ‘Heroes of the Sidewalk’ or ‘Stolen Earrings’). Only until the middle of the album by the end of ‘Whenever We Finish’ does the listener witness a glimmer of hope for Two Hours Traffic to slip out of their retired suburban feel. This latest release would be a success if it hadn’t already been tackled by Travis and many others. Their tour stays in Canada, so if your sleepy night needs sleepy company, you should always see for yourself.

5/9/08 9:00pm @ Quai des Brumes – Montreal, QC
5/10/08 9:00pm @ Chez Dagobert – Quebec City, QC
5/12/08 9:00pm @ Pepper Jack’s – Hamilton, ON
5/14/08 10:00pm @ Ebar – Guelph, ON
5/15/08 10:00pm @ Call the Office – London, ON
5/16/08 8:00pm @ Ford Plant (all-ages) – Brantford, ON
5/17/08 10:00pm @ Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON


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