Artist of the Week: Lucero

This week’s Artist of the Week is none other than Memphis-based rockers Lucero. Be sure to check out the article by our own DJ Rachelandthecity. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got an exclusive live set recorded at the famed Ardent Studios, a video for the band’s track “Wasted,” and spins on various shows all week. For even more fun with Lucero, you can also catch an audio interview with the band on “Thursdays with Rachel,” airing on, well, Thursday. Woo!


6 responses to “Artist of the Week: Lucero

  1. this is one of the greatest bands in the world

    the deserve so much credit for what they have done

    i am 22 now and first heard these guys when i was 14 and i have loved listen to them get better every time and switch up their music…

    real rock and roll music

  2. So incredibly good, wish there were more bands as heartfelt as these bros.

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