Yep Roc on BTR

We’re so very excited to bring you the latest installment in our series of label showcases- Yep Roc Records! Based in North Carolina, Yep Roc is truly one of the most diverse labels currently in rotation on BTR- with everything from indie rock to country gracing their roster.  You can visit the label online for more information!

00:00- DJ Annie
00:45- Rocky Took a Lover- Bell X1
04:08- Stephen Stephen- The Apples in Stereo
05:56- I Love My Label- Nick Lowe
08:53- Second Chance- Liam Finn
13:42- The Twentysomething- Simple Kid
17:25- Where I’m Calling From- American Princes
21:44- Shop It Around- Jason Ringenberg
24:13- The Golden State- John Doe
27:08- Run Outta Luck- The Golden Dogs
29:58- DJ Annie
30:30- The Trial- The Sadies
34:00- Monkey Tongue- The Moaners
38:37- Friends Like You- You Am I
41:00- Angels Of Destruction- Marah
44:13- Outside Chance- Heavy Trash
47:13- Who Taught You To Live Like That?- Sloan
50:16- Black Winged Bird- Nina Persson
54:18- DJ Annie
54:51- Hang ‘Em High- Reverend Organdrum
57:57- I Wanna Go Backwards-Robyn Hitchcock
61:30- Lost in the Congo-Doyle Bramhall
66:00- In Shock- Kristin Hersh
70:10- Outta Gear- Los Straitjackets
72:41- The Club- Nick Lowe
75:13- How Will You Shine?- The Gourds
80:20- Honey Suckle Honey Pie- Jim Lauderdale
82:55- Million Dollars Bail-Peter Case
86:33- DJ Annie
87:26- Can You Feel It?- The Apples in Stereo


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