Hello My Name Is…with Mouserocket, Bella Koshka, and Canasta!

This week featuring  Mouserocket, Bella Koshka, and Canasta, amongst others!

It’s time again for another edition of, “Hello, My Name Is…” This week we kick things off with one of Memphis’ most prolific songwriter’s, Alicja Trout. Her band Mouserocket is set to release their new album Pretty Loud on April 29th, and will celebrate the release with a CD release show at The Hitone in Memphis, Tennessee on April 25th.

So where did the name Mouserocket come from?

“I love Rocket from the Crypt and Rocket from the Tombs, and space-aged retro looking toys, but it was supposed to be a lighthearted name for my musical outlet for kid’s songs,” says Trout.

Well, coincidentally Trout did make a kid last year while she was finishing up the latest Mouserocket album. And if you think pregnancy would have slowed Trout down, that doesn’t seem to be her style.

“I never took a break during my pregnancy, touring up through the 7th month, and still playing in the 8th. Plus I made two albums, recorded two other bands albums, recorded several 7″s for other bands, and released a 7″ on my label. Mainly my pregnancy was when we did all the MR recordings from 2007, and finished the old ones and compiled the album. I even impressed myself with my diligence and commitment to finishing stuff before the baby,” explains Trout.

And now, as a bonus, Trout explains the names of two of her other bands:

River City Tanlines – “It’s like the bad tans, as we don’t have a beach but we have a lot of sun.”

Black Sunday – “This came from Mario Bava, an Italian horror film maker, and because I love Black Sabbath.”

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