Loud Fast Rules Presents: LA Punk History Part III

Once again, BTR is ready to school you on the history of Punk music on the West Coast with our final installment of this three part series.


L to R: David Brown, KK Barrett, Tomata DuPlenty, and Tommy Gear

There is no discussion about Los Angeles punk without including The Screamers in it. Period. End of story. Whereas The Weirdos, The Germs, X and The Bags were all immortalized by their recorded output, The Screamers were rarified simply due to the fact that they never produced any physical evidence in all the time they were a band. Up until recently, all we had was one VHS tape released on Target Video. Screamers gigs were insanely chaotic and fun, and the effects of their dada power are finally coming to fore via the likes of the bands signed to the Goner and Criminal IQ labels. KK Barrett is now a Hollywood treatment designer for films as important as Being John Malcovich and Lost in Translation.


In no particular order: Ygarr, Zany, Zory and Eon

Holdovers from the early 70’s glitter era, Zolar X were infamous for looking and living like aliens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ace Frehley of Kiss was a major supporter and probably still is. So is Jello Biafra whose Alternative Tentacles Records just issued their new record called, X Marks the Spot. There is a documentary in the works as well so keep your eyes peeled.


Geza X Gedeon was one of the crucial personalities in the LA scene. He produced records for a number of early and influential punk bands including The Dead Kennedys, The Germs, Black Flag and The Avengers. He also played guitar, sang, and dealt with most studio issues in his band Geza X and The Mommymen. They released one official single and a full-length album on minor label, Final Gear in 1982. Geza X dated Josie “Johnny Are you Queer” Cotton for many years; they currently co-own Satellite Park Recording in Malibu. Since 2006, Geza has been engaged to fashion model Larva, who poses for Annie Liebovitz, Lucien Clerge, and other fine artists and does runway for fashion innovators such as Jared Gold.

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