BTR Live Studio: David Ford

David Ford is a singer/songwriter from the U.K. that combines multiple looping elements to create a one-maned operation. He recently released his second full length record “Songs for the Road” out on Original Signal Recordings. David is out on the road promoting the new record and performing with Sarah Bareilles and Augustana. Check out this great live session!

0:01  DJ Intro
0:53  Go To Hell
4:20  State of the Union
10:07  I Don’t Care
15:23  Interview with David Ford pt. 1
17:21  Song for the Road
21:54  To Hell with the World
25:44  I’m Alright Now
30:54  Interview with David Ford pt. 2
37:02  St. Peter
40:58  DJ Outro

Upcoming Shows:
Apr 19, 2008    Sings Like Hell    Santa Barbara, CA
Apr 22, 2008    Paradise    Boston, MA
Apr 23, 2008    Irving Plaza    New York, NY
Apr 24, 2008    TLA    Philadelphia, PA
Apr 28, 2008    9:30 Club    Washington D.C.
Apr 29, 2008    Neighborhood  Charlotte, NC
Apr 30, 2008    Variety    Atlanta, GA


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