Review: Caribou @ Bowery Ballroom 3.28.08

With one last sip from my Brooklyn in a plastic cup, I gave my last words to the married British girl sitting to my left. My eyes surveyed the dark and dimly lit downstairs of the Bowery Ballroom before she said, “I think I saw them setting up two drum sets.” I suddenly heard the experimental noise and vibrations of Fuck Buttons coming from the room upstairs as she spoke. It took me a bit of time to react.

Why two drummers (Dan Snaith & Brad Weber)? These days it seems a lot of groups are devolving into simple pulsing rhythms. If I wanted house music I would go pay too much money for alcohol somewhere else.

But Caribou did it well.

Walking into the concert space of the Bowery Ballroom I realized the necessity for them to beat those songs into my face. The complete experience at times required two drummers. The eclectic instruments played by Snaith (while he wasn’t on the second drum set), a massive beat-matched psychedelic geometric projection, and their obvious droning qualities made for a fine concert experience.

If you haven’t heard Caribou, imagine the Monkees were cooler and on way more drugs (though Davey Jones can’t really get much cooler). And as a gift to Dan Snaith (for his birthday on the previous performance – March 28th), you can check them out for the rest of this month, moving down south, all across America and into the UK for the month of May.

The set was also well done. They waited until the third song to play their hit, “Melody Day,” in which the vintage instrumentation was only slightly drowned out by the intense percussion, which is the one complaint I could conjure up. There is something to be said for dynamics. Some performers are now beginning to forget the fact that less is more. Other songs of note included “Sundialing,” “She’s the One” and others from their 2007 release, Andorra. Fans could be seen turning to each other and shaking their heads in disbelief. If you are a fan from the North East, its only a little over two days’ drive to Florida before they hit the rest of the States.

Visit Caribou online!

Caribou and Fuck Buttons, Live!

4/3/08 8:00pm @ Common Grounds – Gainesville, FL
4/4/08 8:00pm @ The Social – Orlando, FL
4/5/08 8:00pm @ Culture Room – Fort Lauderdale, FL
4/6/08 8:00pm @ Crowbar – Tampa, FL
4/7/08 8:00pm @ Club Downunder – Tallahassee, FL


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