Thursdays with RachelAndTheCity

Check out the brand new show from Rachelandthecity. Packed full of brand new songs, live recordings from shows like On the Road, Live from the Hitone, and the Ardent Sessions, plus interviews with some of your favorite musicians, Thursdays with Rachelandthecity is “don’t miss” listening! This week, we’ve got an interview with Shawn Eckles of Speakeasy.

01:10 14 Days – Science for Girls
06:53 Just a Star – (Seth Vanek Milke Remix)
11:47 Unresponsive – Army Navy
16:30 Say Hello – Whistle Jacket
18:37 –
19:30 Summertime – Cory Branan (Live from the Hitone)
23:05 The Backseat – Oh No! Oh My! (Live from the Hitone)
27:44 Take ‘Em or Leave ‘Em – Amy Lavere (Live from the Hitone)
31:24 Interview with Shawn Eckels of Speakeasy
37:47 The Tide – Speakeasy
42:23 Big Sky – A Brief Smile
46:09 Alway Always Always Never – The Details
49:50 A Sunday Smile – Beirut
53:21 Fiction – Bella Koshka
56:35 Open Arms – Antenna Shoes


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