Hello My Name Is…with Whipping Boy, Fihlhos Da Judith, and Dark Room Notes

Once again, BreakThru Radio talks with three of our favorite bands to find out just how they came up with their unique and interesting monikers. In today’s edition of “Hello My Name Is…” we talk with members from Whipping Boy, Filhos Da Judith, and Dark Room Notes.

Whipping Boy

Whipping Boy were featured on the Dublin, Ireland edition of  BTR’s “Spotlight on the City“.  The band formed in 1992 and have been local favorites for many years. Guitarist Paul Page clued us in on how the group got their name:

“The band was originally called Lolita and the Whipping Boy – we had a female guitarist  in the band who left before we even played our first gig, so we dropped the Lolita tag. I suppose we liked the name because it had a little bit of an edge to it. Dublin in the late 80s was awash with bands heavily influenced by 60s jangly guitar bands, and the band names at the times reflected that – very bland and innocuous. We took our cue from the American noise bands at the time – early Sonic Youth, Big Black, Swans, etc., so we wanted something that might make people sit up and take notice.”


Continue reading here! 


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