Hello My Name Is… with The Flying Machines, The Muggabears, and The Forms

In the latest installment in our “Hello My Name Is..” series, BTR got a chance to check in with The Flying Machines, The Muggabears, and The Forms to find out the inspiration for their names.  Read on to find out how your favorite BTR bands were named, including one name-change!

The Flying Machines

You may know the three-piece pop/rock band The Attorneys from BTR and the many shows they play in the New York area, but you may not be aware that the band has recently added a fourth member and changed their name. The quartet say they wanted to choose a name that is more honest to their sound, and we think they’ve chosen well. Big things are on the horizon for these talented New Yorkers! BTR got a chance to catch up with John, the guitarist for the newly named Flying Machines to get the scoop:

“We felt that we had done all we could as the NYC rock three piece, The Attorneys. When we were trying out bass players it also occurred to us that we could change our name, be a 4-piece, and expand our sound. Now with William as front man/piano player, the songs have taken on new life and the new material has a different tone than the older stuff. Flying Machines was one of about 120 band names we were sending back and forth to each other. Actually, other people (friends and fans) got in on the act. “Flying Machines” was the least indie-sounding name we came up with, and since we are slightly more rock/classic/pop rock, than alternative/emo/indie rock, it fit us and was more honest to our sound than the cheeky and indie sounding “The Attorneys.” That being said, I still like the old name too. You never know, we may play secret shows as The Attorneys.”

On Tour:

March 31st @ R Bar
New York, NY
9:00 PM

April 13th @ Arlene’s Grocery
New York, NY
8:00 PM

April 19th @ The Rusty Rudder
Dewey Beach, DE
10:15 PM

Continue reading here to find out about The Muggabears and The Forms! 


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