BTR Live Studio: The Brunettes


BTR is absolutely thrilled to present a very special episode of BTR Live Studio.  The Brunettes stopped by the studio all the way from New Zealand to record this exclusive live set. Featuring tracks from their newest release, Structure and Cosmetics, and some old favorites- don’t forget to check out the interview too! This is a session not to me missed!  Listen here.

0:01 BTR Live Studio with The Brunettes
0:40  DJ Intro
1:29  Holding Hands Feeding Ducks
5:12 Credit Card Mail Order
9:18  Mars Loves Venus
11:29  Interview with The Brunettes part 1
13:38  The Moon in June Stuff
16:12  Polyester Meets Acetate
20:10  Obligatory Road Song
24:59  B.A.B.Y
28:52  Interview with The Brunettes part 2
32:18  Your Heart Dies
35:02  End of The Runway
38:29  Dearest
41:47  Interview with The Brunettes part 3
45:43  Structure And Cosmetics
50:14  DJ Outro


Upcoming Tour Dates
Apr 1, 2008    Under the Westway     London, UK
Apr 2, 2008    Hoxton Bar & Grill     London, UK
Apr 5, 2008    The Cockpit                Leeds, UK
Apr 6, 2008    Academy                     Newcastle, UK
Apr 8, 2008    The Tunnels               Aberdeen, Scotland
Apr 9, 2008     King Tuts                   Glasgow, Scotland


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