L.A. Punk History: Part Two

Once again, BTR is ready to school you on the history of Punk music on the West Coast.


L to R: Vex Billingsgate, Su Tissue and John McBurney

Started in 1979, this eccentric New Wave band originally hailed from Long Beach, CA where they played with likes of the Weirdos and Black Flag. The Lawns eventually moved to New York City where they were active until they broke up in the mid-Eighties. Tissue recorded a solo album of piano and voice (Salon de Musique) in 1982 and played the small but memorable part of Peggy Dillman in the 1986 movie “Something Wild.”


L to R: Chuck Wagon, Billy Club, Stan Lee, Leonard Graves Phillips and Karlos Kaballero

The clown princes of punk, the Dickies are, in fact, the oldest surviving punk band still recording new material. In contrast to the snotty, intentionally offensive humor of many comedically-inclined punk bands, the Dickies were inspired mostly by trashy schlock movies and pop culture camp. Their covers were just as ridiculous as their originals, transforming arena rock anthems and bubblegum pop chestnuts alike into loud, speed-blur punk-pop. They remain an avowed influence on new-school punk Green Day and the Offspring.


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