SXSW: Highlights

DJ Annie’s SXSW awards. Drum roll please:

Best Panel: “The Blog Factor,” Mostly because of Carrie Brownstein, one of my favorite musican/bloggers, but the panelists also touched on some really important issues on the modern music industry.

Best Performance: White Rabbits at  Club DeVille Friday night. Preppy percussionists do it for me every time.

Best Overall Showcase:  Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian showcase at Mohawk. Bon Iver, Black Mountain, Bodies of Water and Evangelicals made it the only night I didn’t bounce around from venue to venue.

Best Day Party: Hot Freaks Day Party at Club DeVille on Saturday. No free drinks, but the music more than made up for it. The solo Kevin Barnes set put it over the top for me!

Best Surprise: The Ruby Suns. As I posted before, I was not expecting to see just three musicians creating all of that wonderful noise. Big up to New Zealand for importing these treasures.

Best Crowd Interaction: Nada Surf at Beauty Bar. They were fun, funny, and initiated the best crowd sing-a-long I’ve seen in recent memory.

Best Free Food: Say what you want about Rachael Ray, she knows how to entertain. The Stills and The Raveonettes were awesome, and her tex-mex Sliders were amazing! Mini burgers with guac taste so delicious when they’re free.

Best Free Drinks: The free wine at the New Zealand party was great, but again Rachael wins this category with her free Mojitos.


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