Day 2 of the festival and we’re still amazed by just how many people are in attendance! Our day started with a free wine tasting in Austin, which included a very strange cooking demo.  We think it may be on TV at some point.  After that, it was off to the British music at sxsw tent for some BBQ, which tragically was gone by the time we got there. Either way, it was off to the Digital Freedom showcase at Cream Vintage, all Washington D.C. bands! – we were able to catch Pash, a band that you can hear on DJ Mojo’s show.

Their showcase was amazing- I saw Jukebox The Ghost for the second time and got one of their supercool T-shirts (which I wore to bed last night for those that were dying to know.) We had them on BTR Live Studio back in September. Seriously, they are good- and very nice!  I parted ways with my fellow DJs at that point, trying to get into the Vampire Weekend show- sadly, I took a bus, waited for an hour to no avail- the venue was at capacity and the people at the door for whatever reason wouldn’t let people in as others were leaving. Dude at the door, if you’re reading this, what gives?

Defeated, I went to the New Zealand music tent for some free food and wine.  Rodney Fisher, Pig Out, The Ruby Suns played- New Zealand really has some amazing acts (and the best food so far!) After that, I was off to the NME showcase, where I was able to catch scottish band The Dykeenies. Then I went downstairs to see singer/songwriter Wisely, who wowed the crowd with his melodies. You can hear Wisely on Front & Center with DJ Jeff K.

I then headed over to Mohawk Patio for a marathon rest of the evening. Bodies of Water, who I had never seen before blew me away! Their vocalist was amazing! Then it was time to see the much-anticipated Evangelicals. I had heard about this band awhile ago and couldn’t wait to check them out- they were an energetic blast into my night, but it was getting too loud for me- luckily Bon Iver was there to cool it down a notch. I took a little break inside during the next set, boy was I tired. Then…Black Mountain

Also, I need to apologize to the Canadian gentlemen who for whatever reason thought I was a woman by the name of Beth that he had met a few nights before. I know I shouldn’t have played along. I know it was wrong to hide my nametag and totally crush your dream of getting with this “Beth.” I don’t know what band she is in, but I probably shouldn’t have told you that “we” weren’t playing for the rest of the festival.  In my defense, it was completely hilarious.

After all that fun I needed to get to sleep.  Friday promises to be just as huge!

-Annie (not Beth)


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