Greetings from Texas!  BTR is enjoying the warm weather in Austin right now, but more importantly the great music at the festival. Myself, DJ Latola and DJ Emily were exhausted by the time we got here- all of us started our mornings at 4am or earlier. Yikes! That didn’t stop us from enjoying day 1 of the festival-

My day started out by catching Washington, DC trio Jukebox The Ghost. I’d never seen them live before, but had heard great things. Their catchy melodies were wonderful- I especially enjoyed “Hold It In.” I doubt I’ve seen the last of this band at the festival- I plan on catching at least one more set from  these boys.

Then I headed to a panel about artist management. It was only day 1 of the panels so few were there, but I’m hoping the energy picks up because I’m VERY excited about some of the panelists this year (Talor Hanson, anyone?) After that, it was time for Latola and I to hit up the Fader fort and watch The Ruby Suns. Wow! We couldn’t believe there were only three people onstage creating all of those amazing sounds. The best part, in my opinion, was the instrument trade-offs. All three drummed, played bass, and sang- not to mention  the tamborine and flute thrown in for good measure. It was my favorite performance of Day 1 and it was easy to see that this New Zealand band had talent.


After that, it was time to catch one of my favorites- Ra Ra Riot. I had just seen them last week, but I had to show Latola what I’d been gushing about, so we watched a short set by the band that impressed the convention-goers, many of whom had never seen Ra Ra Riot before. Their new song, “Ghost Under Rocks,” is pretty darn close to perfection.  After that it was time to re-fuel and head back to the Fader Fort. We were exhausted, so we had decided to make it an early-ish night to better preserve ourselves for the rest of the festival- there are many more bands to see, so we’re excited!


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