BTR Live Studio: Akudama


Check out this sesh with Akudama, an awesome new band recommended by our own DJ Maxim.  The group is currently working on a follow up to their release “Flying over Morning”.  Akudama stopped by our studios in New York and performed a set and chat with DJ  Jeff K about their new record and what the future holds for these up-in-comers. Keep your ears in-check, it’s Akudama on BTR Live Studio!

0:04  DJ Intro
0:52  Fireflies
5:47  Glad
8:32  Dishes
12:31  Seabreeze Social
15:58  Interview with Akudama
18:15  5AM Wave
21:20  Knocking
25:55  Night Club
29:56  Johnny Appleseed
35:47  Interview with Akudama pt.2
39:49  Out Again
43:29  DJ Outro


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