BTR Live Studio: Telenovela Star


The amazing New York trio Telenovela Star perform on today’s show. This band is SO EFFIN’ GOOD. Think Sleater-Kinney + Cat Power. Or think whatever you want. Check them out at Brooklyn’s Galapagos Art Space on March 8 or Club Midway (NYC) April 4th. Telenovela Star released their full length debut “Love, Lust, Sci-Fi & Monsters” in 2007. Find out more at

00:00 –
00:48 – Les Plum Deux
04:38 – Fluff
10:46 – Sucker
13:36 – Interview part 1
16:25 – Dr. Who
21:20 – Vampire
25:43 – Something in the Middle
28:28 – Metrics
32:24 – Interview part 2
36:08 – BLMHYL


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